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Livelihood Items




Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. and Miral Welfare Foundation In Korea wants to help the PWD community particularly the individuals with hearing impairment and developmental disabilities by giving them a chance to study and work without discrimination. The foundation decided to offer short-term courses in partnership with the Technical, Education and Skills Development Agency (TESDA).

The aim of vocational training project for individuals with hearing impairment and developmental disabilities is to prepare them to acquire skills necessary to lead independent lives in future. These programs can also equip individuals with disabilities with skills in vocations for employment. Vocational training is considered an essential tool for integrating individuals with hearing impairment and developmental disabilities in society by making them productive members. 


Employment is most important because having a job:

- is valued- it is considered important and enhances social status;

- adult-  it is what the majority of adults do for a large portion of their day;

- provides wages- choices as have money to participate in other activities;

- increases integration- provides contacts and opportunities for other integrated activities;

- is productive- being engaged in worthwhile activities increases self-esteem;

- promotes individual growth.

As you seen on our vocational training project structure plan below, in coordination with some SPED schools and learning centers in the country, our training center will offer  their students to undergo to our vocational training program such as food & beverage, culinary, Information Technology (Web design) and beauty care course, through these courses students with hearing impairment and intellectual disabilities will have the opportunity to gain education and practical hands-on job skills training to seek entry-level employment in food establishments.
The vocational courses that are offered to them are all FREE, the aim of this project is to help our PWD’s to live independently, provide the materials they need and educate them, help them be employed in a reputable company or even start their own business with strong core values. We hope that you are one of us in this advocacy.