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Music Therapy

Music Therapy 


Music Therapy is the use of music and its elements with a patient or a group of people in a process destinated 

to take Communication, Learning or Expression easier and also to promote it.


Music Therapy is an established health profession 

in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship

 to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.


Music therapy used to prevent a cure or Different illness,

Music therapy is the use of Music to improve physical, 

Psychological, Intellectual, or Social Functioning of people with health or Educational Problems.



The Benefit in Different Ages Children

▶ Learning Disability

 Conduct Problem


 Children with Mental Deficiency

 Difficulties in Socialization

Music therapy is often used in conjunction


With other therapies such as:

▷ Speech     


 Dance/ Movement





The main goal of Music therapy is to express their Feelings or emotion through Music, and to enhance their Socialization skills.