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Dunamai Cafe 1st Anniversary

910 2019.07.26 15:05

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July 25, 2019


To celebrate the first annivesary of our 3rd social enterprise "Dunamai Cafe" our GFPI staff, Dunamai Cafe Volunteers and our Persons with Disability Partners/Baristas held a mini concert to show the abilities and skills of PWDs in the community. This concert is our platform to:

1. Raise awareness on the problems on disability (specially on employment problems) and encourage the citizens to take active responsibility in addressing these issues.

2. Raise funds that will help sustain the cafe's operation. Also, it will give exposure/promotion to the community of the Dunamai Cafe poducts and services and its benefits.

3. Impact our local community with the message of PWD's inspiring life and to showcase not only the talents of our PWD Baristas, but also their victories and struggles.


"Disability is not to be overcome, but a lifestyle made complete through sharing"

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